Saturday, September 29, 2007

Compacting number of pages

Thanks for Rupen , he is author of medical books. Gave me a nice suggestion of putting explanation at the side of image which helps to reduce number of pages. This will reduce the cost also. I have uploaded a sample image , you can see how the figure has explanation side by side. This fitted in one page or else would have taken two pages.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Should a project manager be technical ?

I had a heated discussion in one of the companies where i was a chief guest. Oh yes friends now a days people have started calling me to cut ribbons....But nothing great about it. The main discussion focus was do project managers need to be technical.

I think they should understand what developer wants to say. Its possible they are not hands on , but when there are technical issues they should be able to provide solution. One thing i have noticed a Technical PM is respected a LOT than Pm's just handling people issues. Its like if time comes the General can take this sword and fight. So yes a PM should be in touch with technical.

Every PM in this company ( where i went for inauguration) blasted at me how the HELL can PM be technically strong.....But its their opinion. But the TL and Developers after the function met me and said they respect PM who can give solution rather send emails.....

Customer review for Java Interview questions on Amazon

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Got a job Thanks and awesome book, 28 April 2007 By Rajeshri "Rajbookreader" (India) - See all my reviews
I will say awesome book. Yes the english is not good but who cares in the technical world. Best part i liked about it is that it covers question other than technical like project management , design patterns etc....Overall a good book and the best material for prepration Was this review helpful to you? (Report this)

great preparation material., 19 April 2007 By Mr. S. J. Lee "Simon Lee" (London) - See all my reviews

I'm pretty sure that if I were to try & write a book in a foreign language, the grammar would be many orders of magnitude worse than this book. Ok, so the reason you're looking to buy it is that you want realistic interview preparation material.. this is the book. lots and lots (400 or so) of realistic interview questions - but - the answers leave a lot to be desired.


I promise will improve in the next edition

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Thank you Shaam

Thank you Shaam
Its been eight months friends i am working with Shaam. Great guy to work with. He is almost co-authoring half of my books. I am blessed to have a friend like you....
Hope we move along for a long time.

Monday, September 17, 2007

From a reader who reminded my old days.......

--- From a reader who reminded my old days..
Hi Shiv,
I have bought your book SQL Server interview Questions. It was really worth every paisa I spent on it. There were hell lots of stuffs which I work into my day to day basis but had no idea how ignorant I was. It is simple and good book. The language is purely simple and clean. I really wish I could meet you someday and thank you for writing this book.
Right now I am looking for a job change as I am not paid well here for merely not have completed my Masters. Even though I have performed well and deserve a decent salary, management always makes some excuses. You know why I wrote this mail? Its because I felt like somewhere below the line we have a connection. Read your interview in which you have told how you spent so much of nights in the company and toiled hard. But your salary was reduced for the reason being non performance. Its how It connects me to you. I work here day and nights. But at the end get some unbelievable excuses for not giving the hike in salary.
By Shiv
--- I did not expose his name because this site is heavily visited by software industry people.....Do not be personal show the world you are not snooby....Software industry is huge why to wait when seniors do not care....