Thursday, January 17, 2008

Excel In Hindi

On my Hindi book. Excel in Hindi. It will exclusive formulas for office people which can make there work easy.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Architecture Interview Questions on the way.....

Can you explain use case diagrams?
Can you explain primary and secondary actors?
How does a simple use case look like?
Can you explain ‘Extend’ and ‘Include’ in use cases?
Can you explain class diagrams?
How do we represent private, public and protected in class diagrams?
what does associations in a class diagram mean?
Can you explain aggregation and composition in class diagrams?
What are composite structure diagram and reflexive association in class diagrams?
Can you explain business entity and service class?
Can you explain System entity and service class?
Can you explain generalization and specialization?
Can you explain object diagrams in UML?
Can you explain sequence diagrams?
Can you explain collaboration diagrams ?
Can you explain activity diagrams?
What is state chart diagram?
Can you explain stereotypes in UML?
Can you explain package diagrams?


Monday, January 14, 2008

Plan rejection of starting a IT news paper

Ok, I was thinking of venturing in to something new :- IT news paper. We did a market study for two month.I had about 2 days of full meeting with my internal team , regarding should we start the IT news paper or not. We rejected the idea of not starting IT news paper. Here are some points why we concluded the same , who knows can be useful to you :-

  • If you start a news paper you need to bear the printing cost for atleast 6 months if its a weekly new paper. This is because till you do not get advertisements news paper sales are your only earning.
  • Indian shopkeeper takes 25 % of the news paper cost while the distrubuter takes 10 %.
  • IT news papers are not sales constant. What i mean is Indiatimes will have a constant sales. But a IT news papers sales can vary depending on that issues content. So sometimes you can sell really high and some times really low.
  • You need to make sure you write and meet your issue dead lines....So constant work.
  • Need to keep 3 months rolling money in the market.
  • Most of the current IT news papers ( Weekly) do not sell more than 2000 copies monthly. I think they mostly survive of ads. But i think giving Ads in IT websites are more better than hard copy new papers. I really do not think that the companies must be giving huge money for placing those ads.
  • I really doubt people will buy news paper to read technical....Google gives you more than that free of cost and better articles.
Plan Drop....Plan Drop.....Will continue with my books and concentrate more on data generation for technical people.

Bye Vijay.....

If i write about somebody in my blog...I really mean by it. I worked with this guy Vijay who was from lancesoft for almost a year. He was a machine.The farewell party was awesome. Always helping others, was in the core modules....One thing which i found about him was , he was never tired.....He was consistent.

I will really miss you around.....Lets not say farewell....Who knows we meet again.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Software Architecture Interview Questions

On my new book Software Architecture Interview Questions
The story continues .... What is Activity diagram , What is sequence diagrams , can you explain design patterns , Whats the difference between abstract factory and factory pattern......