Thursday, October 11, 2012

.NET Interview questions and answers: -What are different access modifiers?

Taken from my book.NET interview questions
There are 5 access modifiers. Access modifiers define scope for members.

·     Private:  Accessible only with in the class.
·     Protected: - Accessiblewith in the class and in derived classes.
·     Friend (internal in C#):- Accessible anywhere within the current project.
·     Protected friend (protected internal in C#):- Accessible with current project and derived classes.
        ·       Public: - Accessible everywhere.


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Monday, October 8, 2012

SQL Server SSIS Interview questions: -What is the difference between “For loop container” and “Foreach loop container”?

The “For Loop Container” executes specified number of times like 10 times, 20 times until the specified condition is met.

The “Foreach Loop Container” runs over an iterator. This iterator can be files from a folder, records from ADO, data from a variable etc.

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